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Family Knight of Games

The Family that games together, stays together

The modern family is always busy. Between work, school, homework, after school events, sports, or other extracurricular activities, who has time to sit down as a family? Here at FNG, we found the family who plays board games together, has a better chance of getting along. Board games encourage communication in a nonthreatening atmosphere. Some games help individuals connect by requiring a joint strategy towards the end goal. Other games teach patience and good sportsmanship.

Games are expensive. The average board game ranges from $20 American Dollars up to $80, and that doesn’t include expansions. There are programs to feed, shelter, and even help employ those in need, but what about helping those families who just need a family night? That is where we come in. We are a non-profit organization that focuses on providing low income families with board games that fit their needs

shelf of board games with prices for the game settlers and another price for the game with three of it's expansions

How do we choose a Family?

When we receive a new request, we take into consideration all aspects of the family’s life. All information is collected with 100% confidentiality and only the basic information is posted, with permission, on our site. With so many requests coming in, we don’t have the ability to choose everyone. Our focus is purely on families that have the greatest need. Sometimes that need is a teenager the parents are truggling to connect with, other times it is a family that lost a parent. In all cases, the family does not have the means to purchase the games themselves.

single mom with her three daughters

How does my donation get to the Family?

Once all the donations for a family is received, we repackage the gift and ship it to our agents in the field. We have 10 trusted volunteers all over the United States who receive the donation and make a visit to the family in need. This guarantees the family has direct contact with our company in case anything may go wrong.

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Where do I donate?

Donations can be shipped to:

542 East Boardwalk Drive

Fort Collins, CO 80525

Or drop off your game today at any store that advertises the FKG logo.

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